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For more than 40 years, Carstens has specialized in creating efficient charting systems. Our customers include more than 30,000 healthcare facilities across the U. S. and Canada. Our products are designed to work together in an efficient system, helping make your job easier. We build quality into every product we manufacture from durable copolymer ringbinders to sturdy, wall-mounted and mobile storage units. We also have a reputation for quick delivery. Whether your order is large or small, we can ship in 48 hours. Helping You Choose What's Best For You: Carstens is represented nationally by over 40 independent Charting Consultants - 85% of whom are degreed healthcare professionals. We chose these individuals to give you the best service possible. Whether you live in a city of 2 million residents or 200, we'll be there to advise and help. To find the consultant nearest you enter your zipcode into the "FIND YOUR REP" box.