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Your COMPLETE Inmate Healthcare Provider!

"Quality Correctional Health Care (QCHC) is founded upon the principles of trust, reliability and quality. It is our principles that allow us to control your inmate healthcare cost. It is our guiding principles which have made us one of the fastest growing inmate healthcare contracting services in the country.
QCHC was incorporated in 2005 after my experience serving as a provider and Corporate Medical Director for several other inmate healthcare companies. It was my experience that led me to believe there had to be a better way and I believe that better way is QCHC.

We have quality built not just into our name but it is our guiding principal. We would love to serve as your inmate healthcare provider. We are and have always been a team player and we encourage you to contact all of our present contracts for their comments. Our customers are our strongest sales team and most of our contracts have come by word of mouth". - Johnny E. Bates MD, CEO