Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records from Advanced Technologies Group Inc.

Company Profile
Medical providers in the corrections industry face unique challenges including a population with a greater need for health care, increased documentation requirements, the need to transfer medical information quickly as inmates move between facilities, and the difference in the behavior and veracity of inmates as compared with typical patients. Offender Management Suite (OMS) Medical Services was designed by nurses, doctors, pharmacists, counselors, and central office personnel experienced in the corrections industry to address these special challenges.

The cornerstone of OMS Medical Services is a secure online medical information system that allows authorized personnel to easily review and update an inmate's medical record as well as use analytical tools while shielding sensitive information from unauthorized access. Its unique multi-level scheduling system enables the Department of Corrections (DOC) to efficiently utilize scarce medical resources. It also raises the level of care by using "wizards" to direct users to consistently collect all necessary information needed to make more informed assessments and diagnoses.


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