More Power, Less Time
First-generation technologies require you to adapt to them. Next-generation technologies adapt to how you use them.

With Parata Max, the first and only next-generation pharmacy automation, once-daily maintenance is all that's needed to automate 60 percent of your total prescription volume.

Good to Great
Max builds on knowledge and experience Parata gained safely dispensing 200 million prescriptions in pharmacies across America with Parata RDS. And, Parata Max enters the market with more than 200 years of lifecycle testing already under its belt.

"Now That's a No Brainer!"
The best innovations leave you scratching your head and asking why it took so long to come up with that idea! The power of Parata Max's ingenuity is that it seems like such a "no-brainer" when you see it in action.

Never before has automation been easier to learn, use or maintain.

Once-Daily Maintenance:
No more hand-feeding caps and vials. Simply dump a full box into Max's bins and you're good to go.

Parata's next-generation dispensing cell boosts capacity by 30 percent, reducing replenishment time, even for bigger pills and bigger fills. And super cells are now part of our standard configuration.

Max holds 232 finished prescriptions, a full day's volume in most pharmacies.

Flexible Design:
An innovative two-sided design segregates inventory from dispensing activities to reduce bottlenecks and open a world of possibilities for installation and workflow.

Max supports multiple vial sizes and types.

Even the prescription drop-off shelves can be customized to the alphabetic mix of your customer base.

An unsorted prescription bin that holds 100 finished prescriptions offers possibilities for off-hours IVR processing, segregation of late pick-ups, and other options to suit your workflow.

Improved Accuracy:
Max maintains Parata's 100 percent accuracy for drug and strength,* and raises counting accuracy to about 10 times current industry standards


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